Andrea Gallego Ortiz


Born in Spain to Spanish and Algerian parents, music and dance have been a part of Andrea's life from a very early age. At 4 years old she began ballet classes at the Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance in Madrid, where she continued to train for 14 years.

After university, Andrea decided to embrace her Algerian roots and began studying bellydance, mastering the styles of Egyptian, Tribal ATS, Tribal fusion and Hindi. She has extensive performance experience in both ballet and bellydance, including performances at the Royal Theatre of Madrid.

Growing up in Spain, Andrea was exposed to bachata music from a very early age, but it wasn't until moving to Cambridge that she first saw and fell in love with this style of dance. With her technical ballet training and the body control and fluid movement that comes from 7 years of bellydancing, Andrea is a natural bachatera!

Andrea is known for her energetic personality, her love for multiple spins and aerial lifts and tricks. When she is on the dancefloor she is emotional, fluent and soft.

Her talent and passion are undeniable, and within a month of her first bachata lesson this rising star was asked to join the Bachata Obsesión Dance Team in 2012!

Since then she has been training herself and performing nationally and internationally, also teaching weekly in Wolfson Latin Nights in Cambridge, in several Mayballs and monthly events in Cambridge.

Currently Andrea is attending Zouk classes and congresses to incorporate more difficult spins into her dance, and taking pole dancing classes as an extra to her training.

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