Inga Kocergina


Inga has been dancing since an early age, therefore dance and music have always been a big part of her life. For 10 years she did folk dancing, but in university, she found herself looking for THE dance style that attracted her. In 2006, she found something completely different and started to dance Cuban salsa. After 2 years, she joined a show group and had a chance to learn choreographies of a variety of dance styles such as cross body, Cuban salsa, reggaeton, west coast swing, bachata, bachatango and little bit of modern jazz.

Inga then took a break from dancing for a few years. But thanks to a friend, she returned to the salsa world when she moved to the UK. In 2014 Inga was offered to join a salsa club and became an assistant teacher. Inga also tried zouk and fell love with this dance style, but unfortunately could not continue with lessons due to distance issues. At the end of 2014 Inga started to learn funky/urbana bachata.

In 2015, Inga and her partner started to teach bachata as a bonus class in Corby. It was not long before they took the opportunity to start their own bachata class. Inga says it was sensual bachata that made her fall in love with this dance style, and she can't imagine her life without dancing!

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